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Tales, Theatre, Gardening

Tales, Theatre, Gardening

One of the joys of having a Guest House is meeting all the lovely guests and hearing their tales of which there are many!  I really could write a book and how apt to call it Tall Stories from Tall Storeys!!

Our recent guests have come for the theatre and we have heard nothing but praise for the recent plays currently running at the Stephen Joseph Theatre. Taking Steps, A Brief History of Women and Goth Weekend. Well worth a visit if anyone is thinking of going…..we are very lucky to have such a fantastic theatre in our midst – we should make the most of it.

A Brief History of Women Image

A Brief History of Women Image

Goth Weekend Image

Goth Weekend

Taking Steps Image

Taking Steps



I have not been able to get out in our garden as much as I would have liked due to being so busy in the house! Not complaining, but feel I must get something done before the weather gets colder.

I am going to change all the plantars in the front of the house as they are getting past their best and I am hoping to add some colour to cheer us through the winter months!

The sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue so will make the most of the day. A visit to Reighton nurseries is my plan for today and maybe to Lebberton nurseries, have not been there but have been recommended.