Finally getting round to writing in our Blog again. Life has been rather hectic of late with little time to think of anything other than our daily duties!

Having had a very busy year with fabulous guests we have now had the time to refurbish some of our rooms. This is not an easy task in our house as you can imagine! Having to move the furniture from room to room while one rooms is being done, and then back again, takes time and lots of muscle power! Dismantling the Four poster beds was easy enough, but it all took time and much effort!

We have had a limited time (5 days) to redecorate two bedrooms, remove old carpets from 4 bedrooms, reception area, dining area and hallway on ground floor. All vinyl from 7 bathrooms has been removed also. I cannot tell you what an upheaval that was and the dust it created was scary!!

However, we, with the help of our lovely friends Peter, Sally, Adrian and Cate, we have transformed Rooms 2 and 4 into something really special (well, we think so). We have new carpets in four bedrooms, reception area, dining area and hallway. New vinyl in all the bathrooms makes such a difference. It took three of us using three hoovers, five hours to clear up the bits of carpet left over…..our carpet fitters were more than expert, but it seems that they do not clear away any debris like they used to do back in the day!!  We had to hire a big van to take our old carpets to the tip – it took three trips!

Since finishing the main refurb I have managed to redecorate Room 3. This was a much easier task than the others as the furniture was easy to move around. It now looks fresh and bright and I am absolutely delighted with it!!

There is still much to do in Tall Storeys, it is rather like the Forth Road Bridge – but for the moment, we are going to enjoy what we have achieved this year and hope that all our 2018 guests enjoy it too.

We are now having a much earned rest and looking forward to the year ahead! Looks to be promising.